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Food city is a disgusting company they have no morals they treat their employees with disrespect especially their loyal ones.

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Smc :

Food city is a disgusting company they have no morals they treat their employees with disrespect especially their loyal ones.

The pay is crap, the hours are crap, and some of the employees are atrocious to work with. Big Sandy is so rude and lazy. She walks around like a Billy bad ass. Girl you work at a grocery store. I would tell you to sit down but you don't have to be told 🤣 that women is always sitting! 💯 Curtis is lovely, Diane is lovely, and Mike is lovely. Sandy is a bully. If you work there, you can work as hard as you can and that woman will still pick on you. She is just an unhappy person. Good luck. It's a good starter job but they should work on how they treat their courtesy clerks. They get paid bad and treated horribly. A little respect goes a long way. You got those boys out in the cold and have the audacity to treat them the way you do... it's sad.

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Get a different job then

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Most people do get a better job. That's why they can't keep people. It's a high school job.

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That's what I'm saying.
This situation is repeated all over the country. Full grown adults working at staring positions for years.
The American people have no drive anymore.
Doesn't help that our money is not worth shit, cost of living goes up every year, and starting a business usually takes a loan. But still...

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Maybe there isn't a drive because there isn't dick to do around here anymore. These companies are just greedy as fuck. Its a shame to pay people a starving wage and then expect the government to pick up the slack, because most of those people NEED assistance because of the conditions, yeah starting a business requires a loan, and a hell of a lot more than that, you have to have a plan not just any ole business will be successful. This county is like the coal mines, getting mined a little more everyday until there is nothing left.

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Although there isn't the population to bring much in. It would sink too. SWVA is a dying area as sad as it is to admit.

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